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Kitchenware & Dining Goods

Most cutting mishaps occur due to the poor quality of knife. To prevent mishaps in your kitchen, we have come up with a line of Knives that are made of steel of grade-A quality, thereby, ensuring their quality remains unmatched for long. Japanese Knives that are made of steel that is harder, thereby, remains sharper for a longer time period. The knives provided under this category have stronger grip and does not allow slipping easily. For this reason, their demands remains high regardless of any season not only within our local market but across many International markets.

Considering the benefits of cast Iron and seeing the increasing demand of cookware made of this material, we have come up with a huge collection of Iron Flying Pan Made In Tsubame. Iron of grade-A is used in the making of products offered under this category. This is why, if properly cared for, the range can last for years and even passed on to future generations. Iron Flying Pan Made In Tsubame offered by us are not only good for cooking but baking, as well. Hence, highly demanded in the market and we have the ability to fulfill those demands with our modern facility and zealous employees.

Hime-Pla Inc., is the right place to buy useful and eye-catching kitchenware. Our Wooden Kitchenware is beautifully crafted by our vendors from Japan and these are surely the perfect conversation starter at your next house party. Slicing vegetables, cooking or serving, no matter what activity you wish to perform in your kitchen, the kitchenware from our offered collection of Wooden Kitchenware is the best. Made from the finest quality wood, the mentioned kitchenware is carved in such careful and beautiful manner to ensure smooth edges and finishing. The line of Wooden Kitchenware we offer is a perfect blend of functionality and kitchen aesthetics, meeting, thereby, winning the hearts of every user.
Drinkware offered by us includes a variety of cups, mugs and bottles, fashioned from various material including steel, stainless steel and more. The products found under this category are not only of competitive quality but price, as well. Therefore, all the products from this range have become immensely popular in the market. Enjoy your drinks using the best containers from our collection of Drinkware without spending any extra money. Colors, sizes and designs can be customized, depending upon the order size of the customers. Thus, ensuring the offered range is a great investment to make in without keeping any doubt in mind.

From eye-catching chopsticks to the rustic teapots, it is of no doubt that Japanese Tableware offers a rich and variety. For aesthetically pleasing culinary delight, explore our collection of Tableware all the way from Japan and buy the products of your choice to make an impression in-front of your guests. If you are looking for a way to impress your guests with something unique but do not want to go over the budget, then buying products from our selection of Tableware is the best move to make. Available in a number of designs, color combinations, patterns and sizes, choose the products that catches your attention.

The cutlery we create have earned the love of many including first-class restaurants to the hotels from around the world due to the eye-catching designs, patterns and colors we offer under our category of Flatware. Entire line of this flatware is checked over different quality parameters to ensure it remains unmatched even after years of its usage. Apart from the quality, it is the competitive price of our range, Flatware, that makes it the best buying collection not only within the boundaries of our nation but overseas. Our customers can also avail the products from this category in bulk and we ensure doorstep delivery on all the orders.

Preparing Japanese cuisine can be exciting yet challenging. To help you prevent any mishaps in the kitchen while preparing cuisine, we have come up with Japanese Cooking Tools of unmatched quality. Each one of these tools is carefully manufactured using the best quality material for ensuring that these render years of service life without breaking up or cracking. Although, the entire line of Cooking Tools has been exported from Japan, yet available at highly competitive prices. Thus, ensuring that even customers with lowest of budgets can easily buy these without having second thoughts. Moreover, we ensure timely and doorstep delivery of all the goods.

Kitchen is the powerhouse of a home, we prepare our meals there and whatever is in the kitchen goes into our stomach. Therefore, it is important to keep the kitchen clean and sanitized. Considering this, we have come up with Kitchen Cleaning products that prevents the spread of germs and viruses. Thus, ensuring healthy, tidy and clean kitchen for you to cook your favorite meals. Manufactured after conducting thorough research, our range of Kitchen Cleaning has become one of the most qualitative range to be provided to our customers at economically feasible prices. Therefore, the sales of this range keeps on increasing with each passing order.

Since time immemorial, kitchenware made of utensils has been in usage for many reasons. For instance, scratch-less cookware, non-conductor of heat, would not react with acidic food, therefore, would not leave any metallic taste. Keeping all these benefits of wooden kitchenware in mind, we have come up with a selection of Natural Wooden Kitchenware that is well-appreciated in the market for its chic appeal and amazing utility. Apart from their eye-catching appearance, it is the competitive price and quality of this category, which is why, all the goods found under our Natural Wooden Kitchenware are loved by our customers worldwide.

Imported from the International market, our offered range of Titanium Hybrid Knives (International Patents) shows commendable usage for slicing sashimi, seafood and sushi rolls. Unlike other metallic knives, the knives sold under this category does not impart any metallic taste in the food. Offering fluid cutting strokes is the specialty of these knives. All the knives offered under this category are ultra light in weight. Moreover, the packaging of these Titanium Hybrid Knives (International Patents) is attractive and safe to handle. Apart from this, it is the price structure and the unmatched quality of this array that attracts the customers more than anything.

Are you looking for effortless cutting through almost anything, be it meat, fruits, vegetables or fish, then buying our a knife from our offered array of High Density Ceramic Knives is a great choice. The super razor sharp blade of our knives is made of good quality ceramic and the handle is quite ergonomic in design. Thus, making our entire range of High Density Ceramic Knives the best to make investment in. Made in Japan with Japanese technology, this range of knives is highly demanded not only in the Indian market but around the world for both its quality and affordability.

The range of High Density Color Ceramic Knives offered by us is durable and is great for cutting through even the hardest to tear meat and fish scales. This is everything that makes it worth-investing in product. Handles of our knives are quite convenient to hold and the material of these knives make them high corrosion resistant, better than the regular knives we have been using for so long. As the name implies, our offered High Density Color Ceramic Knives are available in a variety of colors to make this range a lot more attractive. Buy your favorite color knife from our range at cost-effective prices.

Are you a backpacker? If yes, then going on a trip with a knife from our offered range of Leisure, Paring, And Folding Knives, may help you a lot in your daily activities. Sourced from the best Japanese vendors, our range is widely appreciated by many due to its competitive quality, affordability and great cutting techniques. Imported using the best logistic network, these knives are safely transported at the doorsteps of our customers. Since, the entire array of Leisure, Paring, And Folding Knives are light in weight and durable, these knives are highly demanded in the markets across the world.

Sourced from reliable vendors and imported from Japan, our offered Diamond Sharpener, is a worth buying product. We have got a variety of this sharpener under our category that comes in different sizes, so you can choose the one, as per your requirement. Since these sharpeners are made of qualitative material, these render years of service life. Although, high on quality, the provided Diamond Sharpener is pocket-friendly. The packaging is done using top-of-the-line material, thus, ensuring the sharpeners we offer remain safe during the entire transit process and while being on-shelf. Needless to say, our complete array of Diamond Sharper is one of the best selling from our showroom.

When stainless steel is compared with other grade material, it has great tensile strength and shows amazing characteristics like corrosion resistivity and durability, as well. For this reason, even the knives are made of stainless steel. And, when it comes to buying a good quality stainless steel knife, buying from our range of All Stainless Steel Knives is an ideal choice to make. Knives usually do not need much care and when it is from our offered range of All Stainless Steel Knives, this fact becomes even more true because knives from this array always stay in pristine condition and renders years of service life.

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