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All Stainless Steel Knives

When stainless steel is compared with other grade material, it has great tensile strength and shows amazing characteristics like corrosion resistivity and durability, as well. For this reason, even the knives are made of stainless steel. And, when it comes to buying a good quality stainless steel knife, buying from our range of All Stainless Steel Knives is an ideal choice to make. Knives usually do not need much care and when it is from our offered range of All Stainless Steel Knives, this fact becomes even more true because knives from this array always stay in pristine condition and renders years of service life.

Product Image (TBW-002)

145 MM Tsubame Waza - Santoku Knife

Price: USD24.00 USD ($)/Piece
Product Image (TBW-003)

205 MM Tsubame Waza - Shefs Knife

Price: USD30.50 USD ($)/Piece
Product Image (TBW-004)

130 MM Tsubame Waza - Deba Knife

Price: USD26.20 USD ($)/Piece
Product Image (TBW-005)

135 MM Tsubame Waza - Paring Knife

Price: USD21.80 USD ($)/Piece
Product Image (TBW-00)

170 MM Tsubame Waza Santoku Knife

Price: USD26.20 USD ($)/Piece

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